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Proudly a collaborative partner of Spectrum Healing

Flynn is very pleased to announce her collaborative partnership with Spectrum Healing Manly. Donna McCormick, founder and Master Healer of Spectrum Healing has been Flynn's Spiritual Mentor since 2009. Since then, Flynn has completed several courses including; Spectrum Healing Esoteric Yoga, Find your inner spiritual warrior and the Journey of Mastery mentorship program. Donna has kindly invited Flynn into Spectrum Healing to be the resident Psychic. 

Flynn will be available every Monday and some Saturday's at Spectrum Healing, Shop 3/103 Sydney Rd, Manly, NSW 2095. For an unforgettable experience in this divine space, book now. 

For more information about Spectrum Healing please visit www.spectrumhealing.com.au   


"I have had the pleasure of having several readings with Flynn, I absolutely love how she weaves the tarot and Turkish cup reading into one. It is such a beautiful fun way of exploring different avenues of tapping into your consciousness to share the most relevant guidance. It will blow your mind what she finds inside your cup.

Flynn is a very accurate connected being, full of joy, inspiration and passion. Her loving guidance and the gift of being able to reflect things back to you in your life so you can see more clearly and receive the clarity allows the light to return to your life and supports your path of action.

As a collaborative partner of Spectrum Healing it is evident I highly recommend her integrity,  her gifts and I am very willing to allow the Spectrum Portal to support all her readings. Also as her Mentor I can acknowledge the self work, development and commitment she has shown to open fully to her gifts and of being of service to Humanity."

Donna McCormick, Spectrum Healing

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