Updated: Oct 18, 2019

Many children's fairy tales and folk stories were created to teach children important things in a relatable way. For example, Little red riding hood was a story told to children to stop them from going into the woods and talking to strangers.

Indigenous Australians use storytelling as a way of teaching children about nature. Through the personification of native plants and wild life, children are raised with a deepened connection and respect to Mother Nature and their understanding of natures life's cycles.

Storytelling is prevalent in all cultures, both of the modern and ancient world. Take Ancient Greek mythology as an example, where the names of characters and the roles they played have coined the names of many psychological conditions; Narcissistic stems from the character 'narcissus' the Hunter who fell In love with his own reflection. Freud's Oedipus complex, was derived from the story of Oedipus who fell in love with his mother. 

Storytelling, mythology and fairytales have played a significant part in human existence and evolution. 

I believe the aspect of the story teller lives within humans to facilitate the gift of relatability.

Take some time today, to pause and consider this in the context of your own life story. 

See how valuable all your experiences have been. The good and the bad. You wouldn't be who you are or where you are now, if one small part of your story was changed. When we truly realise and appreciate this, we are able to fully accept life's hurdles and surrender to our own story, allowing us to heal, transform and expand. With this knowledge, we can see that nothing for us will ever pass us by.

Most importantly, the best gift of storytelling is the aspect of sharing. By sharing our story, we share our lessons and experiences to help others heal. In my sessions, I will often share very personal experiences of my own with my clients, as I believe the sharing of our experiences is key to establishing a simpatico relationship.

Never be afraid to give the gift of your story, for it could be your story that helps set another free.

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