Predicting baby genders and why I don’t like to go there.

Updated: Nov 29, 2019

I often have people ask me if I am able to predict the gender of their children, and now, my answer is "no." "She calls herself a psychic?" They say. Well actually. Its a little more complex than that, and here is why.

In my very early days of doing readings, I used to offer this to my clients by ‘feeling’ into the energy or personalities of the souls waiting to come through. Often my instincts would be correct, however there were occasions where I got it wrong. Now this is because I was imparting my judgment on the energies I was being presented with, and categorising and allocating certain traits to a particular gender, which in hindsight I see how mislead this thinking was, and why I wouldn’t always receive an accurate answer. I have three children myself, and was correct about the gender of my first two, being a boy and a girl, however when it came to my third daughter, I was off the mark! I was absolutely sure I was having a boy. The energy I sensed within me was curious, cheeky, chaotic, busy and non stop. I likened this new energy to the energy of my first born, my son. Because of this, I was so confident I would be the mother to another baby boy. You can imagine my shock when the sonographer informed me a baby girl was on her way! Today, my youngest daughter is very much a tom boy in her nature. She is go go go, cheeky, and our neighbours even comment on how they can hear her deep voice when she’s playing outside. She has an incredible soul connection to both her siblings but relates and idolises her big brother, following him around, playing with his train set and taking this Pokemon cards. Her favourite thing to wear is DIRT. This baby needs to come with an insurance policy. She is what I call high risk parenting, climbing anything and everything, and tempting fate on anything with wheels. It wasn’t until I experienced this and meditated on it, that I received the clarity and understanding from my guides on why gender is such a difficult thing for psychics and intuitives to accurately determine (this is not to say it can’t be done but in my experience there is no such thing as a perfect success rate in this field).

What my guides showed me, is that just as in the spirit realm, time is not a concept, and therefore receiving accurate dates from spirit is impossible, gender is also not something that is measured, and therefore difficult to connect to 100% accurately before it has materialised into its physical form. This is because prior to any new incarnation, the soul remains on the other side, and just simply ‘is’ without any labels, (something that humans place upon souls in this 3rd dimensional, physically binding experience of human life.) In saying that, I do believe spirt does send signs to people on what gender their baby may be. I had a red balloon fly into my back yard randomly the day I went to find out the gender of my 2nd baby girl, and I felt strongly that this was a sign she would be a girl. But again, this is all about my interpretation of the colour red being a feminine colour! Stay open to magic when it comes to this topic, but don't get set on any outcome! My dream for humanity is that labelling and categorising each other becomes a thing of the past, and that we are all able to exist with the same fluidity in this physical existence as we do in spirit.  Love and light The Sydney Psychic


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