Magic: The 3 Lucky Rings

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

Magic is real. It is all around us in the moments of life that we get to experience. It’s in the air on a beautiful spring day, in the eyes of our babies when we hold them, it’s in the ocean as the sun reflects sparkles of light off it’s ripples. Being present in these moments of magic, helps us feel connected to our higher self. When we pause to appreciate the magic of life, we experience a deep gratitude for our human experience. It is when we identify with this lifetime as exactly what it is, a 'human experience', that we gain perspective and therefore, feel a sense of our ‘being’ or higher self. 

Magic is a concept that intrigues us from an early age. As children we are so connected with faith in the unseen. We don’t need to see Santa Clause put presents in our sacks to believe he is real. I've often reflected on this, and questioned If learning Santa was really just my parents, was a major turning point for momentary lack of belief in the unseen. 

Through my spiritual journey, I regained my belief in magic as I began receiving signs and messages from the spirit realm, all of which were very real to me and of the unseen world. 

I thought I would share with you a story of real magic, when I received a beautiful message from my late Mother just last year. 

When I was a teenager my Mother gave me an old necklace of hers. Its design is known as ‘the 7 lucky rings’. Each ring represents a wish. Long Life, Good Friends, Health, Love, Wealth, Peace and Happiness.

I’ve never been a jewellery person, but particularly loved this piece and wore it every day. 

My Mother sadly passed away 2 years ago. 12 months ago almost to the day, I took my baby down to the beach. We came home and showered off the sand. When I looked in the mirror, I noticed the clasp on my necklace was broken and it was hanging off my neck. Devastated, I dried myself, and retraced my footsteps, hopeful that I would be able to find where the rings had dropped. This was wishful thinking. Although this necklace wasn’t of a monetary value, its sentimental value was immeasurable to me. As a result I grieved it’s loss and came to a place of acceptance that It had broken and moved forward. 

My mother was a horticulturist and was passionate about trees and gardens. I believe this was her healer through life. The healing green colour of the garden and trees, spoke to her wounded heart chakra, filling it with unconditional love. Her heart chakra was where she carried her human wounds, and it is my belief that as result lead to her diagnosis of breast cancer when I was 19. This was my first tangible experience of energetic blocks leading to sickness of the physical. "The breasts serve two functions. They protect the heart and feed our children.” My spiritual mentor Donna McCormick of Spectrum Healing explained to me. My Mother was always protecting her heart, and being a nurturer defined her human existence. She was a wonderful Mother, a fierce protector. 

A few months after I had lost the rings of the necklace, I was enjoying an afternoon of gardening, teaching my children how to uproot weeds. They were enjoying being hands on in this process. I watched them successfully pull out the weeds exposing their tiny fibrous root systems with their equally tiny little hands, beaming with pride at each pull. I was thinking of my Mother, and how she taught me how to weed the garden, thinking and reflecting on life’s circle and how happy she would be to see me and my children enjoying the thing she loved doing the most. “Mum! Look! Treasure” screamed my little boy. Looking at his dirt covered hands, intertwined in one of the weeds root systems, was one of the rings. I couldn’t believe it. I began scanning the pathway franticly for more, uprooting another weed in the cracks of a paver and finding another ring. Two rings found. I was beyond ecstatic and immediately reattached them to the necklace chain. Feeling such a deep sense of connection to the unseen, and to my beautiful Mum, knowing full well this moment was too perfect to be a coincidence. My thoughts had echoed into the universe, and she heard me. 

After successfully finding two of the rings, I held the vision that I needed to find just one more. One more ring, that way, I had one for each of my children.


A few months went by, and I had just come back from a session of readings, where I had made the decision that the time was now to launch my business, my brand, and to show up in the world in my mission and purpose, share my intuitive gifts, and help others develop theirs. As I contemplated how perfectly aligned things felt, I was overcome with a feeling of deep pride and purpose. I went for a walk in my front garden, and out of the corner of my eye in one of the garden beds, I see a glint of light reflecting the light of the setting sun. I walked over to it, and nestled in a bed of Dichondra , one of my mothers favourite plants, was another golden ring. 

I believe this was my Mothers' way of saying, ‘You did it. You’ve arrived.”

If you come to see me for a session, you will see my necklace and the three rings. I haven’t found anymore, and I don’t think I will. Three rings is all I need, one for each of my babies, my three wishes, my magic."

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