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I believe that in life, we choose our path before we incarnate as humans. Not long ago, I had a friend ask me what my life path number was. I haven't played around in numerology much. I tend to stick to what I know and rarely dare to drive in other people's lanes when it comes to the spiritual realm. Telling her my date of birth, she started adding all the numbers together. For those of you who don't know, numerology deals with the significance of numbers, and all of us have what's called a life path number. This is all our numbers in our date of birth, added together until they are reduced to just one number. That one number can tell us alot about our personalities, and what our role is in this lifetime. So when my friend shrieked and told me "oh my gosh, of course you are a 33/6" I was admittedly confused and intrigued by her delight. She explained to me that 33 is a master number, and very rare. She then explained that 33/6 is master healer. So straight away, I was on google which lead me to this great site that explains all the numbers.

What probably isn't clear on my website, is my healing capacity, which ultimately is my main driver in doing what I do. I don't believe in telling people doom and gloom, in my readings, I share powerful insights, connect dots, and sometimes a word or symbol will help give closure to someone.

I have always loved words, and have always believed words can set us free. I have always felt the potency and impact of words from a young age and been sensitive to their sounds and vibrations. Did you know that the sound of the heart chakra is 'ahhhh'. I find this fascinating that we humans often make this sound when we find something we like, or dos something that feels good in our hearts. So many of the 'god' words also carry this sound and vibration. Budda, Jehovah, Allah, and i believe that ancient languages were more attuned to matching words with fitting vibrations for the thing itself. I really believe that my Psychic readings are healing in the same way as often things need to rise to the surface and be verbalised to be acknowledged, and the first point of healing is acceptance and acknowledgment.

You may or may not have read my bio but if you'd like to get to know me a little better, please feel free to have a read and or drop me a message with any questions.

It feels so right to be finally bringing to form a vision that has been long in the making, particularly as this year happened to be my 33rd Birthday and my first borns 6th. 33/6. the age of stepping into mission and purpose and being something other than Mum.

It's nice to meet you!


The Sydney Psychic.

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