Dealing with Intuitive Children

It's pretty safe to assume that anyone who has landed here, and is reading this is in the open minded category. So if I told you that my 3 year old daughter is constantly talking about "When she used to live in England and was looking for her other grandpa who isn't here now" you probably wouldn't laugh and put it down to a 'very vivd imagination' (exactly what I was told I had as a child.) It's not the first time i've experienced my children have moments like this. My late mother was sick for a very long time with breast cancer which metastasised to the brain. The night she was admitted to hospital which lead to her passing, I awoke to a loud thud. I woke up and walked down the hallway where the noise had come from, and saw my son had fallen out of his bed, this had never happened before and was unusual for him. Never the less, I put him back to bed, and returned to mine, to be woken an hour later by my newborn for a feed. I checked the time on my phone only to see a missed call from my Aunt. It was 1 in the morning and I had a bad feeling. I called her immediately and found out my Mother had fallen out of her bed an hour earlier and was on her way to the hospital.

My son and my mother had a very special bond. My Mum only had daughters, and my little boy was her first experience with a baby boy. They absolutely adored each other, and for this reason, this synchronicity in events came as no surprise. The last time my son was with her, he out of the blue told her "ill never forget you" which was so bazar to the point of my Mother and I looking at each other totally bewildered by it.

We hear stories often, about children talking about past lives, so vividly. There is a wonderful documentary called 'The Boy who lived before'. Here is the link to watch. You're welcome :)

If you haven't watched it, I highly recommend you do.

Many of my clients are also parents who have experienced psychic, intuitive behaviours in their children, and often they will raise questions about this in their sessions. Spirit is always happy to provide insights and validation for them. If you' can relate and would like to know more about what your child is trying to communicate to you and how to best manage their questions and nurture their ability, please book in for a face to face session today.

Children under 12 are welcome to join you in your session.

Love and gratitude,


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