5 Ways to develop your intuition

I've said it before and i'll say it again. Anyone can be psychic. There are many ways you can develop your intuition. If you can imagine your psychic ability as a glass. A person who has fully tapped into their ability would have water in their glass. A developing psychic would have apple juice, and somebody who hasn't tuned into their ability would have chocolate milk. The healthier we are, and the better things we use to fill our cups, the easier it is to become aware of psychic phenomena. It's no different to how sensitive we become to bad food if we have been eating clean for a long time. The more you purify every element of yourself; your thoughts, your feelings, your friendships, your diet, the better grip you will have on your intuition.

1. Dreams

I always tell people to pay close attention to their dreams. Although as a child, I was very intuitive, and had very strong gut feelings and premonitions about things, I still don't believe anyone is born psychic. I tell people that spirit gently drip fed my abilities to me over the years, but the first place where I became increasingly aware of my ability being more than just a coincidence was my dream space. Spirit has always shown me so much through my dreams. In 2001 I was a young girl in the early stages of high school. I used to struggle to turn my mind off at nights, and sometimes my parents would bring a mini TV into my room to help me settle. I felt very unsettled on this night in particular but nevertheless drifted off to sleep. I dreamed vividly of my sister and I playing on the play equipment at our local park and running down the stairs only in my dream, the stairs kept going on and on forever. My sister yelled up to me 'hurry hurry we're not going to get to the bottom in time'. I looked up and saw fire above me and immediately felt hot and sweaty. As I continued to run down these stairs I became aware of being in a fire exit of a building. I could feel and taste my lungs fill with smoke and was pulled out of my dream feeling startled and panicked. A minute later my mother came running in and turned the little TV on telling me I had to watch that something terrible had happened. Before my eyes the footage on the TV showed me the second plane crashing into the twin towers. This was the morning of September 11.

Paying attention to your dreams, and setting intentions about what you want to be shown in your dreams is a great way of connecting with your dream space and developing your ability to receive spiritual downloads in them.

2. Meditation

When we meditate, we free our mind from egoic thoughts and feelings. Our mind is able to freely explore with out worry and fear. When we can purify our thoughts, we connect more with feelings and ideas that serve. I receive my messages in the same place where thoughts live. My intuition presents like a movie or memory that plays out in my minds eye. Being able to relax and clear my mind of worry and fear allows me to receive spiritual insights and downloads. Purifying the thought space is a very challenging thing to master, however daily practice of meditation makes it possible.

3. Journaling

As you become more aware of your thoughts, start journaling as a way of putting pen to paper on thoughts and feelings that you pick up on. I often used to get bursts of intuition as a child. Random things would come to mind. Family members falling pregnant, what friends would name their babies, names of people I would meet and connect with in days ahead, visions of being somewhere and actually ending up there. The more experiences like this that I had, the more determined I was to write them down as a reference point to look back on. Always write down your dreams when you recall them and try to understand the messages within them. Be sure to date journals and start each page with an intention such as "this page is dedicated to expanding my awareness of my thoughts to help me develop my intuition."

4. Crystals

I always find Crystals are magnifiers for psychic ability. To have more vivid dreams, sleep beside a clear quartz crystal. I used to keep my favourite crystal beside my bed and my dreams became too intense that my sleep wasn't restful. I had to move the crystal away because of it. Other Crystals that help with psychic abilities include Black Obsidian, which helps clean psychic fog, allowing your intuition to be clearer. Moonstone is also another favourite of mine as it helps with clairvoyance and enables psychic dreams. I always tell people that Crystals are very personal. Something may call you for a particular reason, and if you feel you are being pulled towards it, it's meant to you be yours. They have a way of communicating to us our need for them!

5. Energetic Hygiene

To assist you with purifying your energy field, it is important to stay on top of your energetic hygiene. This is best achieved when addressed within our physical body and rippled out to our aura.

Purifying your physical body is best done by eating clean, staying away from alcohol, caffeine and any stimulant, exercise, time in nature such as bush walking and swimming in the Ocean, switching off wifi and limiting screen time. Use products on your skin that are cruelty free with no chemicals and try to use essential oils. To purify the aura, place a wand of selenite under your bed. Sage your home and yourself daily, walking into every corner of your home and setting an intention.This could be something like "only love fills this space." Learn more about essential oils and use them daily. Tip: Always check the oils you are using are 100% pure. I recommend Young Living and Doterra

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