My Philosphy

The number one question I am asked by my clients during a reading is how the information comes to me. To explain this I like to give an example that we can all relate to, particularly because I truly believe everybody has psychic ability.

Think about when you are driving your car. Whilst you are very much focused and paying attention to your surroundings, the traffic, the cars in front and beside you, often you will be  thinking about something else, such as an event that took place over the weekend. Or perhaps you see something and begin to recall a memory. Before you know it, your minds eye is replaying these memories, thoughts, or events like a movie.  So technically you are watching the road, but simultaneously your memory is also providing a visual of what you are thinking about. 

This is exactly how it works whilst i'm performing a reading, Whilst I am very much present with you, talking and engaging, I am also being shown in my minds eye, different events, faces, memories, maps, countries, and destinations. In this space I am even made aware of tastes, smells and sounds. This is just like when you recall a memory of eating something you really enjoyed. Without physically tasting it again, you recall and know what it tasted like. Sometimes spirit will present me with a memory of my own to let me know you can relate to this experience too. I often have repeat symbols shown to me, symbols that have over the years been presented to my by spirit as a way of communicating a particular event, milestone, thought or feeling. My golden rule for my readings is to say what comes to me, no matter how unusual it sounds, as sometimes these things, carry profound meaning for the client. 


I also feel it is important to explain, that whilst the future is able to be read, it also can change. A real mind bender right? I believe we all hold the ultimate power to manifest and design our path. We are the masters of our own destiny. Some Psychics like to explain this using the frisbee analogy which suggest that if you are holding a frisbee, and thinking about how you are throwing it, you could make a very good prediction as to where the frisbee will land. However, sometimes there are un for-seen events like a gust of wind that might change that trajectory and blow the frisbee off course. 

When I do a reading, it is about your life trajectory at that particular point in time. I am committed to providing more than just a 'fortune telling' service. I offer guidance, wisdom, comfort and support to all my clients. I believe that alongside immersing ourselves in nature, staying  present is the most vital thing  to remaining grounded and when we are grounded, we are able to enjoy life with greater abundance, contentment and flow.. 

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