Face to Face
IntuitiveReadings infused with Energy Healing

During a face to face reading, you will be invited to set an intention for the session prior to your reading commencing. Holding this intention, Flynn will act as a conduit between you and your guides, delivering messages that will help serve you in the present. Flynn will also ask you if there is anything in particular you would like to explore to ensure that your questions are answered. If opting for a Turkish coffee reading, you will first be invited to drink from the coffee cup prepared for you and shuffle the tarot deck. As you sip on your cup, and shuffle the cards, you transfer your energy onto these objects, and indicate to spirit that you are ready to receive their messages. Flynn will begin by turning cards for you and exploring the messages within whilst your coffee cup is drying. Flynn will intuitively select Crystals and oils to support your energy during your reading. Depending on the messages that present, Flynn may be called to clear any energetic blocks that present.

Channeling the universal life force energy, Flynn uses a mixture of techniques to clear energetic blocks from Usui Reiki, to sound healing tuning forks, intuition will guide what will best support you. Just as no human is the same as another, no healing is ever the same as another. They are personalised to each individual soul, and vary depending on the person, the guides that show up, and the blocks that present. Flynn practices various techniques such as Usui Reiki, Angelic Healing, Hypnotherapy, Colour, Crystal and sound healing working with the human biofield. 

Flynn suggests having your body clear of alcohol for at least 48hrs prior to a reading, and plenty of water before, during and after for best results.

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