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Have you experienced...?

  • Re-occuring, vivid dreams

  • Deja Vu.

  • Repetition of numbers and symbols around major milestones and events

  • A face come to your awareness only to actually see the person the next day.

  • Premonitions 

  • A feeling that someone is there when you are alone.

  • Knowing of a fact without having been taught it.

If you have answered 'Yes' to one or more of these, then you are experiencing a form of psychic phenomena.


If you are interested in understanding more about this and expanding your abilities, please click on the link below to book into an "Activate your Channel" 90 minute face to face session.



Hen's Parties, Baby blessings and Corporate Functions are a great opportunity to experience some magic, with a group reading or consecutive one on one power sessions.


Please make your enquiry via our contact form below to find out more information, prior to making your booking.

The Sydney Psychic looks forward to  joining you at your next private function.

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© 2019 all information, ideas and expressions belong to The Sydney Psychic PTY LTD Terms and Conditions: By making a booking you acknowledge and accept that: all readings are subject to your own personal interpretation and is not intended to constitute medical, psychological, legal, financial, relationship, personal or professional advice. You warrant and promise that you are in a stable and healthy frame of mind and/or you are not aware of any reason (health-related or otherwise) why you should not participate in a psychic reading.