The Channel

by The Sydney Psychic

What is the Channel?


The Channel is another name for your intuitive abilities. Everyone has one. Is yours in tune?


The Channel is a metaphor used by Flynn The Sydney Psychic in her Psychic Development Training. Believing that everyone possesses their own Channel, Flynn empowers her students to learn how to get theirs in tune. By using the analogy of a television broadcast, Flynn explains how we all can receive signals and signs from the spirit realm, provided we are invested in living a lifestyle that is dedicated to keeping the key pathways purified, allowing messages or transmissions from the spirit realm to be received.

The analogy draws on Television signals broadcast by way of a transmitter (a large structure or tower) that sends audio and video signals to people's homes. These signals are received via a television antenna in the home which receives that signal and turns it into a sound and image. Your intuition is the same, however in order to receive the clearest images and sounds, you need to ensure you are connecting to all of the key Channel pathways.


Flynn has identified 7 key Pathways:


  1. Immersion in Nature.

  2. Detoxing from drama

  3. Diet, Hygiene and exercise

  4. Purification of your Chakras through self mastery, 

  5. Avoiding Alcohol, Drugs, Smoking and Caffeine.

  6. Keeping high vibrational company

  7. Meditation, Music and sound,  Dreaming


To learn more about activating your Channel, please book in for a one on one Psychic development session, or register for an upcoming Psychic Development Course.

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