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Intuitive Readings Infused with Energy Healing


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The number one question I am asked by my clients during a reading is how the information comes to me. To explain this I like to give an example that we can all relate to, particularly because I truly believe everybody has psychic ability.

Think about when you are driving your car. Whilst you are very much focused and paying attention to your surroundings, the traffic, the cars in front and beside you, often you will be  thinking about something else, such as an event that took place over the weekend. 

About Flynn

Flynn is a gifted intuitive reader that has been practicing over Sydney for many years. 


From an early age, Flynn experienced many signs from spirit that she was being called to be of service.

The support you are looking for.

Life has it's ups and downs. and  these constructive and insightful readings are a great way to support you, whilst also giving you comfort and clarity about your path.

The Sydney Psychic is committed to helping you achieve:


Restored faith and sense of purpose


Spiritual Acceleration


Emotional, Spiritual, Physical support


Mental Clarity

Stress Management Techniques

Blown away by the clarity and accuracy of Flynn's reading. I've been to many psychics over the years, but never experienced such a valuable and accurate reading. I left feeling lighter and understanding my way forward. Highly recommend.

Taylor, Elanora Heights

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